Berkshire Asbestos Removal Services

Scancross are asbestos removal experts, serving businesses and private clients in the Berkshire area. If you suspect you have asbestos on your premises, there is no time to waste. Because of the dangers associated with asbestos, it is always far better to be safe than sorry. The properties of asbestos are so threatening to human health that one small encounter twenty years ago can affect a person’s health today. Even though asbestos is no longer used in the construction of buildings, there are still many buildings that contain the noxious substance.

Scancross has full governmental certification for legal Asbestos removal in Berkshire and other homes counties. We take asbestos very seriously, and when we remove it, we do so thoroughly, carefully and by following all expected guidelines.

Sancross’ services provide you with:

  • Asbestos monitoring services to maintain safety
  • Asbestos removal in both residential and commercial buildings
  • Comprehensive asbestos management service
  • Guidance, risk assessment and consultation options
  • Professional and flexible removal of all asbestos from your property

If you believe that the property you inhabit has some form of asbestos and you believe you might be in danger from it, give us a call today, and we will arrange a visit to ascertain if there is any danger to you and your family. You can trust Scancross to get the job done right.