Asbestos decontamination, encapsulation and protection services in the Home Counties

If asbestos has been identified in your property, we can provide asbestos decontamination and encapsulation services. This includes the sealing and making safe of raw or exposed asbestos, or the cleaning up of any accidental spillages or damage.

Our vast knowledge and experience will enable us to provide the most effective and appropriate solution in any given instance, whether this is a mechanical barrier (which we can put in place around the asbestos so that it does not suffer any damage), or by applying a specialist coating to the affected area that will encapsulate and seal the material.

Both of these procedures, barring any further damage or disturbance of the material, will stop any further release of asbestos fibres.

Management, risk assessments, advice and consultancy

Once asbestos has been identified it will need to be safely managed to prevent ongoing damage or accidental contamination by staff or unknowing tradesmen or engineers who may inadvertently disturb the asbestos whilst undertaking their own works.

At Scancross we will provide a management and/or monitoring service to prevent such events by providing you with an asbestos register and management program that you can either implement yourselves or retain us to oversee on your behalf.

Where any works are planned or envisaged, we can provide you with a risk assessment of the impact the works will have on your known asbestos materials, and provide suitable advice on remedial measures or avoidance techniques to prevent the asbestos materials being disturbed.

Soft-stripping buildings that have asbestos

Scancross can undertake the soft strip of buildings where asbestos is present with other building materials such as suspended ceilings, floorings, and partitions. We can also remove asbestos contaminated materials and debris from building sites.

Scancross can arrange for the removal of asbestos containing electrical and gas appliances and other technical equipment, after first employing qualified engineers to carry out the safe disconnection works. These type of works can be carried out prior to asbestos removal works or as part of the overall removal project.

Re-instatement and re-insulation works

Once we have removed the asbestos and carried out any soft strip works, Scancross can carry out total reinstatement works to your individual requirements.